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BUZZMAX.CA - Your Trusted Calling Companion

Living far from family and loved ones is nothing less than a sacrifice and to be able to listen to their voice could sometimes be the best thing ever. We all know how good it feels to have those long conversations but that nagging thought of "long calls mean long bills" is enough to worry about AGAIN - not anymore!

With BUZZMAX.CA you could get longest talk time with the most competitive calling rates!

BUZZMAX.CA is a high quality long distance calling service which gives you the freedom of making long distance calls from your home phone, cell phone and even your work phone. This means you don't have to switch your existing long distance carrier to use our services. Just register your phone numbers with us and start making phone calls within five minutes.

The 4 Simple Steps:

You can sign up for our services following 4 simple steps:

1- Register at our web site by clicking the ‘Signup’ button
2- Add money from your Visa, Master or PayPal account
3- Register your phone numbers FROM which you will be making the calls
4- Start Making your Phone Calls!

It's just a four step process which takes less than five minutes to activate your service. Once you complete these steps, you will see your local access numbers on top of your account page. All you need to do is dial your local access number before making any long distance calls. No need to dial any PIN and etc. After subscribing to BUZZMAX.CA you can call anywhere in the world with all the best features we offer, like::

Freedom to dial from ANY phone
Most competitive calling rates
No need to change your existing long distance calling company
No need to dial PIN number
No connection fee
No monthly fee
No hidden charges

The Currency we use is Your Trust!

You never have to worry about the safety of your transaction with us. We are a Registered Corporation and Licensed Company in Canada since 2006. We do NOT store your credit card information. We just process your credit card through one of the leading credit card processing company. Your trust is paramount to us and therefore we have employed the latest encryption technology to provide you a secure and reliable shopping experience.

In order to recharge your account or add money, simply login to your account and add funds or call our customer service and have your credit card ready. In addition to VISA and MasterCard, you can also use PayPal to pay.

If you have any questions or concerns, ask our sales representative by sending an email to Our customer service is open from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM EST. Call 416-904-4422 or 1-866-500-1333.

Pakistan 8.99c
India 2c
USA/Canada 2c
UK 2c
UAE 14.5c