About Buzzmax

About Us

BUZZMAX is one of the most reliable Internet Service Providers in Canada.

Ever wondered if the fastest interned speed, reliable and secure service providers, most reasonable prices, promising customer service, money back guarantee, and the most supportive internet plans that suit all your diverse internet needs could be possibly found at one place in Ontario? Well, it is no more a distant dream when the Buzzmax has its full-fledge plethora of telecom services to offer there! We claim so with actions rather than words. Let’s know how!

Established in 2006, ZINAM is listed by CRTC to provide Internet Services offering an extensively diverse pathway "Fiber Connectivity" solution for our customers. ZINAM owns and operates its own data centres & state of the art Technology Infrastructure to serve our customers throughout the Canada and Overseas.

No Worries of Disconnection with Us!

We understand how mad you must have got when your long-awaited Netflix evening with cousins was ruined by a bad internet connection. We also fully imagine the amount of paranoia that hits you before starting an online quiz with a quick deadline. Our most reliable Buzzmax internet services would never ditch you, let alone during an online exam, sports streaming, or a video chat with a loved one. With us, your business, studies, entertainment and socialising, all get smooth-pro-max!

Turtley Speeds are a Big Nah!

We are recognised as the Internet Cheetahs, with the fastest possible speed, just like light, to offer to our consumers. Slow internet speed personally gets on our nerves, and we know that it surely relates to you big time too. So, we know from our experience what a consumer wants and thus, provide it.

No Fear of Limit with Us!

We want nothing but a free use of internet by our consumers away from any worries of running out of internet data. Buzzmax Telecom services can cater to all private and commercial internet usage needs. Now is the time you stop calculating and checking the remaining MBPs and carefreely surf on internet without any limits. per Fitting Plans for Varying Consumption Needs.

We are highly flexible and offer friendliest ever plans that we believe will qualify for everyday consumer satisfaction. Charges ranging between the affordable prices of 49$-79$ per month, with different usage packages offered under each, Buzzmax has an outstanding record of facilitating our customers. We require no contract for our customers to sign and yes you are reading correct – we also offer money back guarantee. With us, you are an absolutely free consumer!

Infrastructure to Ensure Quality Services

We would rather close down than compromise on the quality of our services. We prioritise sticking to premium products, infrastructure, connections, promises and their delivery. Our exceptionally advance technology lets us be compatible with modern day internet demands. 24/7 hours internet connectivity, unlimited usage, lighting surfing speed, affordable prices, independent consumption, all with uncompromised quality is what Buzzmax Telecom is recognised among not only Ontario but the users residing across Canada, too.

Hyperactive Customer Service Clan to Always Support You

Our customer service team has well trained individuals who know the art of delivering clear and relevant information to the customers and solving all the grievances if there are any in first place. We take pride in how our customer services are just as unstoppable as our internet services that never take a break. We would never rush or judge but listen to you patiently and attentively – at any time of the day, no matter you ring us during dark midnight hours.