Payment Policies

Payment Policies

Our payment policies are here to make the customer paying experience, a comfortable one.

We offer a pre-paid service.

With such a service, our customers are never caught off guard for their monthly plan and know exactly what their monthly bill will be. For any additional help / inquiry, please contact us at:

Email us at

Payment Policy:

Your account’s bill date is linked to the date your internet installation / account was activated. For example, if your internet was activated on August 1st, your bill date will be on the 1st of each month, unless otherwise stated. When a customer makes a bill payment on their bill date, the credit will be used towards your next month’s fees. For example, a payment made on August 1st will be used and applied from August 1st until September 1st.

A customer’s payment is final and will not be refunded to a customer, unless it was made in error. If a payment was charged in error, BUZZMAX.CA reserves the right to investigate the transaction and apply any reversal where needed.

A customer’s billing date CANNOT be changed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Method of Payment

Customer has 2 options of making their monthly bill payments:

   1. Auto Pay with credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD, VISA DEBIT, Pre-Paid Credit Card)

   2. Pre-authorized debit (chequing or savings bank account)

Auto Pay customers:

   - Bill date will commence after internet is installed and remain consistent for all months

   Pre-authorized debit customers:

   - 4 bill cycles available:

   - 5th of each month / 10th of each month / 17th of each month / 25th of each month

Customer billing scenario:

Customer’s bill is due on the 25th of each month. If this customer’s payment declines on the 25th, one of our reps will notify the customer that their payment was declined. This notification can be via email and/or phone call and/or both.

If a customer does not make a payment within 24 hours of their payment declining, their services will be immediately suspended until a payment in full has been made.

BUZZMAX.CA may give a courtesy 3 day extension for a customer’s services (when asked). For example, BUZZMAX.CA may provide a 3 day extension to the above customer, in this example, until 27th.

Disconnection Policy:

Customer can terminate / disconnect their services (account) with BUZZMAX.CA at any time by contacting BUZZMAX.CA at the phone number set out on and speaking with a BUZZMAX.CA service representative.

An account can and will be disconnected when;

   - The account holder (customer) has failed to pay for their monthly plan on time

   - The account holder (customer) agreed to a payment arrangement with BUZZMAX.CA and failed to comply with the terms of this arrangement

If BUZZMAX.CA has disconnected the customer in error, services will be restored without any reconnection charges.

Disconnection notices will be provided via the form of electronic mail or telephone. These notices will include the following information:

   - Reason for disconnection and amount owing (if any)

   - Scheduled disconnection date

   - Availability of payment arrangement (if any)

   - Amount of reconnection charges (if any)

   - Contact information where customer can discuss their account status / disconnection

BUZZMAX.CA reserves the right to disconnect a customer’s service without any further notification or notices.

Other charges (if applicable):

Charge Amount Taxes Total Payment
Move order (DSL & Cable) $49.00 $55.37 Paid on day of order submission
Change of speed (DSL) $49.00 $55.37 Paid on day of order submission
Change of speed (Cable) $25.00 $28.25 Paid on day of order submission
Change of ownership $25.00 $28.25 Paid on day of order submission
Account hold - vacation (max 1 month in a year) 50% of total plan 50% of total plan Paid on day of order submission
Modem replacement (defective) FREE + FREE SHIPPING - FREE + FREE SHIPPING -
Modem replacement (damaged) Purchase new modem + $10.00 shipping Purchase new modem + $10.00 shipping Paid on day of order submission
Shipping fee $10.00 $11.30 Paid on day of order submission
Installation fee $49.00 $55.37 Paid on day of order submission
Account hold (lost/stolen reason) FREE FREE Customer still obliged to pay monthly plan
Cancellation / disconnect order FREE FREE Account cancelled on day notice of cancellation received
Restocking Fee * $25.00 $28.25 Paid on day of order submission

* Restocking fee of $25 does not apply to any un-opened modem/router/phone modem boxes. If a box has been opened, there will be a restocking fee of $25. Refunds will not be provided for any hardware if any of the components are missing from modem packaging.

* Installation, shipping, and any other one-time charges are NON-REFUNDABLE.