Internet Offers & Promotions

*Our Price Guarantee against any PROMO!

Unlike other Internet Service Provides, Buzzmax does not believe on sales & pricing gimmicks. Some companies offer you a short-term promo, free this & free that.

Please remember nothing is FREE in this world. Therefore, we don’t have any confusing offers and pricing plans.

Our Internet Service is guaranteed with fair pricing; if you find any plan lower than ours from any other Internet Service Provider, we guarantee that we will not only match it but will beat it for you.

All our plans include:

   • Unlimited downloads

   • Reliable & secure internet

   • Blazing fast internet

   • No contracts

   • No data caps

   • No Gimmicks

   • No extra fees

Here is what most customers wonder!

1. Which Plan do I need?

50 Mbps to 120 Mbps is our most popular range; most people do not require more speed than this for their regular home surfing from 2 to 10 devices.

2. What about 1Gig Plan AKA 1000Mbps plans other companies are offering?

More speed is better, but in reality, you don’t need this much for your regular internet usage. This is another way of misleading the consumers to buy what they don’t need.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can do on 100 Mbps:

   • Streaming HD video on several devices

   • Playing online multiplayer games on two or three devices

   • Running three to five smart-home devices

   • Participating in group Zoom meetings with HD video switched on

3. Is there any contract?

Not at all; we have no contract, no credit check.

4. Do I have to buy a Modem?

Yes, since we are not asking you to sign any contract or commitment, we ask you to buy the modem and own it.

   • Wi-Fi Cable Modem is $150

   • Wi-Fi DSL Modem is $100

   • Non-Wi-Fi Cable Modem is $100

5. Installation Fee?

Yes, you are paying $50 for installation. This is a one-time charge as we send a technician to your home.

Feel free to talk to our technical support department:

Our support staff will answer all your questions on a priority basis.

   • Call us: 416-800-0900

   • Please email us:

*Subject to Avaialbility & some conditions apply