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Fiber 50 Mbps
  • 50 Mbps Unlimited Download
  • 10 Mbps Unlimited Upload
  • Money back guarantee
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  • Installation fee: $50
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High Speed Internet in Burlington, Ontario Canada

CABLE INTERNET IN BURLINGTON is One of the Best Internet Providers in Burlington Internet provider in Burlington connects you to everything. Get connected with Unlimited Home Internet on our super high speed cable internet & DSL FTTN Services. Get the best internet you can get.


Stay connected with Buzzmax home internet, experience premium customer support, attractive home internet plans, and the fastest internet in Burlington. We have some very exciting home internet deals for you. Choose the best suitable plan and start enjoying unbeatable internet offers and get unlimited happiness. Check out some of the best home internet deals below.

$49per month
Cable Internet 40
  • 40 Mbps Unlimited Download
  • 10 Mbps Unlimited Upload
  • Money back guarantee
  • No contract
  • Installation fee: $50
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$59per month
Cable Internet 60
  • 60 Mbps Unlimited Download
  • 10 Mbps Unlimited Upload
  • Money back guarantee
  • No contract
  • Installation fee: $50
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$79per month
Cable Internet 120
  • 120 Mbps Unlimited Download
  • 10 Mbps Unlimited Upload
  • Money back guarantee
  • No contract
  • Installation fee: $50
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Enjoy internet surfing as much as you can

We are pleased to offer the attractive internet deals with unlimited data usage offer for your home and small office purposes.

So, Sign-up for the best suitable High Speed Home internet plan according to your data usage requirements. Because subscribing to the internet service in Burlington is the right choice for you. To use a seamless internet connection for your home and business, is the right choice for you.

By joining our services you can stay connected and enjoy surfing as much as you can because we offer blazing fast internet speed with the offer of unlimited data connectivity in Burlington.

Burlington a well-off city in Ontario, Canada

Burlington, with around 200,000 number of population, known as a small town but a well-off city is situated at the Northwest end of Lake Ontario and at the west end of GTA. In its backyard, there is a UNESCO world biosphere reserve Niagara Escarpment. Because of the standardized annual growth rate of the city’s residential and business sectors, Maclean's Magazine has announced about Burlington that it is the best community in Canada. Being a growing and prosperous city, high speed internet is a need of its residents and businesses.

At Buzzmax, we offer high speed internet in a manner that it keeps our customers happy and satisfied.

We don’t ask our valued customers to sign any contracts or any commitments. We offer unlimited high speed internet with no strings attached.

Top Attractions in Burlington

   - Royal Botanical Gardens

   - Cherry Hill Gate

   - Burlington Waterfront Trail

   - Lowville Park

   - LaSalle Park

   - Paletta Lakefront Park & Mansion

   - Burlington Performing Arts Centre

   - Mount Nemo Conservation Area

Affordable Cable Internet Services & DSL-FTTN for Burlington Residents

According to the living standards and Internet requirements of Burlington’s residents, has designed standardized and affordable home internet packages. Therefore, Home internet users now can easily choose a super-fast and specific cable internet package that meets their day-to-day usage requirements.

How to choose a specific internet package: offers you the flexibility to choose internet package according to your requirement: Choose one of your relevant packages, and perform your desired tasks according to the chosen package. internet packages are considered ideal if you are interested in:

   - Online Schooling/learning

   - Online Gaming

   - Online Meetings

   - Video streaming on YouTube, Netflix or on any streaming website

   - Work from home

   - Downloading

   - Connect multiple devices

   - Check emails

   - Video calling

   - Conference calling

   - Video blogging

   - Patients’ consultancy

   - Teach anything online

   - Webinars

   - Live chats

   - Podcasts

Quality internet services for our valued customers

Your new high quality internet connection is just a call away.

Today we are privileged to facilitate our Burlington people with the seamless internet connectivity so they can maintain their relationships, run business, make fun and enjoy entertainment, complete desired tasks and doing required research etc.

We have always believed in providing the best internet services that must be cost effective, seamless, unlimited and high speed. As an internet services provider, it’s our primary goal to entertain our very own clients with high quality internet services.

Get the Internet with 100% money-back guarantee

We ensure your internet connection is maximized throughout the day so you get and enjoy:

   - Unlimited Happiness!

   - Max Enjoyment

   - No Contract

   - No Credit Check

   - No Gimmicks

   - Max Internet

   - Faster browsing

   - Max Usage

   - Max Saving

   - Assistance for account queries

Modern era and advanced internet technology

Being a generation of the advanced era, now everyone needs to surf the internet for their specific purposes. management is well aware of customers’ needs therefore we have installed advanced technology infrastructure to make internet services according to the advancements in internet technology. Adopting high quality measures in internet services is our standard and we never compromise on it.

Internet services support

We have a friendly team in tech support department to answer all of your internet queries.

   - Dial a Phone: 416-800-0900

   - Email:

   - Toll-free: 1-866-500-1333

And get your queries resolved. For high-speed internet that is reliable.

Make your priority choice.